About Us

payAgri Innovations Pvt Ltd is a food & Agri company, building a sustainable inclusive model in the Agri value chain. It was established to support the agri and food processing sector, which is the country's main source of livelihood. Farmers and MSMEs make a significant contribution to the Indian economy. Their growth and development are critical for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Given the current challenges that farmers and food processing sectors face, such as access to markets, inputs, and financing, we are committed to providing avant-garde Agri-solutions and providing the best possible support. At payAgri, we understand how critical an efficient supply chain is to the success of any business. That is why our supply chain is based on efficiency and collaboration.

We collaborate closely with farmers, processors, and markets to create a seamless and streamlined process that delivers good quality products to customers worldwide. payAgri is committed to the approach of engaging in sustainable business practices that prioritize collaboration, environmental responsibility, and community development.



To build an inclusive environment in the Agri & food value chain enabling food processors and farmers to work in tandem to produce quality food at optimum value


As a strategic partner to small Food processors, we support them in farmgate procurement, access to finance and access to the market, thereby ensuring:
A level playing field to compete with larger enterprises
Food safety for consumers
Better livelihood for farmers


Farmgate Linkage

We understand the challenges that MSMEs face in obtaining high-quality inputs for their operations. Many small businesses struggle to find dependable suppliers who can provide the necessary raw materials at competitive prices. PayAgri acts as a bridge between MSMEs, farmers, FPOs, and farm aggregators making it easier for both to find and collaborate with one another. We provide hassle-free access to raw materials at the best prices, regardless of volume. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable and ethical input-sourcing practices. We only work with farmers and aggregators who adhere to strict quality and environmental standards, and we encourage the MSMEs to do the same in their businesses.

Market Linkage

While most MSMEs have excellent products, one of the most significant challenges they face is reaching out to potential customers and expanding their business. payAgri has always believed that great products deserve to be consumed by a larger audience. This is why we provide a variety of services designed to help MSMEs connect with new markets and increase their sales. We collaborate with a network of buyers, distributors, and retailers to connect MSMEs with potential customers and broaden their reach globally. We also offer marketing and branding strategy assistance based on current market practices.

Market Linkage Global Connect

Farmers and MSMEs can tap into this market by selling their products internationally, as there has been an increase in demand for sustainably sourced and locally made products in recent years. However, for many farmers and processors who lack the resources and knowledge required to access global markets, this can be a daunting task. PayAgri represents them and assists in providing avenues for farmers and MSMEs to present their products globally, which can greatly benefit their livelihoods while also providing premium quality products to customers worldwide.

Market Linkage FarmConnect

Farmconnect is an impactful tech-driven platform that connects farmer institutions, micro-processors, micro-entrepreneurs, and women SHGs to end consumers.
The best quality products are sourced directly from the farmgate, with micro-processors establishing traceability, thereby ensuring consumers get premium quality and traditional products at their doorstep.
This provides the consumer with the satisfaction and happiness of having contributed to the farmers and Farmer groups.

Financial Linkage

The growth and potential of farmers and MSMEs are severely hampered by a lack of access to finance. PayAgri through its innovative Fin-tech solutions connects them to suitable lenders, banks, and other financial institutions based on the needs of the farmers and MSMEs in order to make them perform at their best. We ensure that the finance linkage process is efficient, transparent, and time efficient. We believe that by assisting MSMEs, we are helping to grow the economy and create a better future for all.


Farmer Engagement Services


payAgri follows an MSME-led intervention role aimed at supporting MSME food processors, by helping them procure quality raw materials from the farmers and build a great relationship.
We love to be actively involved in introducing the recent trends and requirements for the welfare of the farmers and MSMEs
We provide agri-tech solutions in collaboration with 3rd party resources.
We provide financial advice to the farmers using our unique Fin tech modules.
We provide guidance in the mitigation of risks through insurance.
We create avenues to market the products
Expert advice is provided with regard to cultivation and the usage of biofertilizers.

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