Our Impact Stories

payAgri takes a leap into an impactful journey with the farmers into the global market.
Hosakote is a 27-kilometer drive from Bangalore city, and it is home to 333 villages primarily engaged in agriculture.
This is where we determined the scale of work needed to put our vision of "maximizing value for farmers" into action.
We decided to handhold the corn farmers in reaping the best from the soil

Over time, with our support, the farmers could rejoice in seeing the best yield which was procured by payAgri and handed over to the packaging unit that specializes in Retort packaging that makes ready-to-eat sweet corn.

The attractively packaged farmer product is being placed in the international markets of Europe and UAE. To date, we have sourced 3000 MT of sweet corn from the farm gate, which was immaculately grown by 1000 farmers and hygienically packed keeping in harmony with nature.

We are venturing out in helping our farmers even more with the assistance of our fellow enterprise “Farmsys “an ag-tech company, we shall use our unique portable smart product "Soil Spectra" which reads the soil nutrition to guide the farmers with the ideal inputs. Our sister concern Terragreen, will support the farmers through contract farming and by providing them input linkage.

payAgri, as a farmgate engagement partner, is celebrating this achievement with the 1000 happy farmers who have recently had their produce represented globally.

We look forward to touching the lives of more farmers in the coming days!!!

Impact on Farmers

It gives us immense pleasure to support our Farmers and see them delighted with the results. We guided Mr. Sivakumar with Eco Friendly bio-input options, which have increased the yield and reduced the expense while positively impacting the Environment!!!