Matta Rice

The robust and earthly-flavored Matta rice was the first choice for the royal families of Southern India. It is said that one inquisitive farmer happened to see this unique variety of rice on the king’s farm, and he carefully carried it away in a “Matta” an “Areca Leaf’. He then sowed them, and they became the regular crop of the granary of Kerala, Palakkad.

Benefits of Matta Rice

This variety of rice is diabetic-friendly & aids in digestion

It is a healthy choice without giving up on your staple rice

Our toxin-free red rice is sourced directly from the farmer-producer society, which aims to connect farmers and consumers by providing nutritious, toxin-free goods

Brown Flakes

Breakfasts on the go are more popular than ever. With the changing lifestyle in mind, we have created a gluten-free and high-fibre breakfast meal option. Our brown rice flakes, also known as "Poha" or "Aval," are made from toxin-free flattened brown rice sourced from smallholder farmers in Kerala's Granary, Palakkad. Include this toxin-free bowl of nutrition in your diet while making a difference in the lives of farmers.

Benefits of Brown Flakes

Improves health

Promotes weight loss

Increase energy

Black Rice

The deep dark black coloured rice which can turn purple while soaked in water or cooked is being largely discussed by food connoisseurs for its history and health benefits. Black rice is also called forbidden rice. Looking back to history it states that this extremely nutritious black beauty was very tricky to be cultivated, therefore the royals and the rich were the only ones who could have access to this wonder grain, making this a forbidden one for the commoners

Benefits of Black Rice

Black Rice is naturally gluten-free

Aids weight loss

It is high in antioxidants which protect the cell against the damage

Rakhthashali Rice

It is a rare red rice variety with high medicinal value. . It was mentioned in Vedic times to be beneficial in the treatment of the 'Tridoshas,' or Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These medicinal rice are sourced from smallholder farmers in Palakkad, Kerala's granary, and a few locations in Tamilnadu. Only by making the healthy choice of eating these extremely beneficial rice varieties will we be able to save the crop from extinction

Benefits of Rakhthashali Rice

'Raktha' means blood in Sanskrit, implying that the rice has blood-enhancing properties

It is an excellent dietary addition for managing anaemia

Vellya Chenellu Rice

The vibrant red-colored long-grained rice is known for its healing properties and is classified as medicinal rice. It is traditionally believed to work wonders for women’s health

Benefits of Vellya Chenellu Rice

Feudal families and tribals in the past used to give this to pubescent, pregnant, and menopausal women

It is believed to reduce problems associated with hormonal imbalances

It also aids in managing obesity and strengthening the muscles