Food Distribution


Curry Tin

Curry tin has a variety of ready-to-cook mixes such as sauteed onion, sautéed tomato onion, ginger garlic tomato paste, and many more that are hygienically processed and carefully packed using Retort technology that keeps the product fresh for two years. All raw materials are sourced from our farmers with the highest quality and taste in mind

Benefits of Curry Tin

Avoid fluctuation of price in products
Reduces time in cooking
Reduces vegetable waste
Standardization of taste and quality
It is 100% free from any preservatives, additives, artificial color, and flavor
Reduces the effort of cutting, peeling, chopping, and pureeing

One Drop

This is a dietary health supplement that is a Herbal extract/concentrate based on Nano Technology that can be taken with water, any beverage, or food

Benefits of One Drop

On-the-Go Convenience! Simply add a few drops!
No processing required
Consistent and available throughout the year!-30 Different Varieties!
OneDrop products are made from extracts of active ingredients found in herbs and spices.
Have greater bioavailability
Can be taken on a daily basis: There are no side effects
Herbalicius and flavourful One Drop products!
Even children enjoy it!


Millet Noodles

A naturally gluten-free and healthy addition to your diet. It is also easily digestible and will appeal to both children and adults. We obtain this delectable product from the highest Millet manufacturer in the country, which is located in Theni, South India. They are well-known for its forward-thinking organic farming and processing facility.

Benefits of Millet Noodles

Balances the blood sugar and cholesterol level
Provides nutrition
Millets are rich in antioxidants, so can help prevent premature aging
Improves Digestive Health
Improves Heart Health
Helps in managing obesity